PRIIPs KID Samples

The PRIIPs legislation impacts a wide variety of retail products, and has to be complied with by 1  January 2018.  KID layout and content may vary depending upon your product type.  Get your free PRIIPs KID samples below.

Last updated as of 20/12/2016

PRIIPs KID sample – non-UCITS Funds

Retail AIFs are in scope for PRIIPs, while UCITS funds have been granted a three year exemption (pending a review by end 2018), which means that a PRIIPs KID will be required for UCITS funds by 31 December 2019, at the earliest.  However, UCITS and other funds which are wrapped in insurance or other PRIIP types will be required to provide detailed information to the wrapper in order that they may produce a PRIIP.  

In the absence of the provision of this information, the fund promoter runs the risk that their fund may be excluded from such wrappers post 31 December 2016.

priips kid sample funds



PRIIPs KID sample – Insurance Products (MOPs)

A PRIIPs manufacturer that offers Underlying Investment Options (such as UCITS Funds, non-UCITS funds, etc.) is required to provide information regarding both the wrapper and the individual underlying products.

There are two options available to cater for those:

  1. Combination KID:
    This is a PRIIPs KID which is a combination of the main PRIIPs + the underlying investment option. The combination is required for each available option.
  1. Generic KID for the wrapper and:
    1. An individual PRIIPs KID for each underlying investment option.
    2. A Supplementary Information Document with information on one or more underlying investment options.

priips kid sample insurance products Sample PRIIPs KID



PRIIPs KID sample – Structured Products

Structured products are in scope for PRIIPs.

priips kid sample structured productsSample PRIIPs KID