Financial Reporting

FundAssist provide extensive typesetting and desktop publishing (DTP) services. FundAssist take full ownership of the reporting process, from template preparation to filing.

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Quick turnaround

Our distribution expertise ensures that financial reports are delivered to shareholders and filed with the appropriate regulatory authorities on time, every time and in the most efficient manner possible.

We provide a parallel translation service, so that each draft is updated simultaneously with the base language, streamlining the typesetting and translation elements of the process.

Flexible In-house Tools

You would also benefit from our sophisticated and customisable suite of applications developed in-house to aid in the particular challenges involved in the key elements of the financial reports – namely the Schedule of Investments, Primary Statements and the Disclosure Notes.

Customised styles & brand consistency

Our tools prepare output in a variety of styles and formats, which are either dictated by GAAP or the investment manager’s preference. Once a style is agreed it can be consistently applied to every fund within that family.

Economies of scale

Our clients benefit from the experience and cost efficiencies gained in producing and proof-reading hundreds of reports each year across different structures, domiciles and accounting standards, as well as different languages and corporate styles.

Full Preparation

FundAssist offers full preparation services of annual and semi-annual reports. We employ qualified accountants as well as highly skilled resources who utilise in-house developed technology to deliver fast, accurate and polished reports.

Our automation tools are customised to feed data directly from accounting systems.

All output from our tools provide a full audit trail and support files which are used by the auditors to reconcile the financial statements to the source systems. This leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness in the audit sign off.

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