Factsheets & Client Reporting

FundAssist analyse clients’ factsheets & client reporting needs to identify the key static, dynamic and intermittent areas of information in order to develop the best level of automation.

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TIME-saving technology

Technology plays a crucial role. Our online web facility allows clients to access data at any time meaning they can upload, review and approve documents instantly. This facility also enables documents to be archived for access in the future.

The completed and approved fact sheet can be distributed via our online web portal in accordance with client specified delivery rules.

Quick factsheet production
Factsheets automation


Automation is a core component and enables us to accomplish fast and efficient turnaround times. Our process involves data gathering, data mapping, automated processing, translation and document dissemination.

Our team work closely with the chosen Third Party Administrator to ensure consistent and seamless data feeds and our team of qualified accountants take responsibility for processing both the static and dynamic data where necessary. As part of the process, we also analyse the fact sheets to identify the key static and dynamic areas of information in order to develop the best level of automation.

Digital & Interactive

Our offering in Digital Factsheets is an extension of our pdf Factsheet service. By utilising our powerful data hub  clients are able to produce digital output that is adaptable yet consistent with the overall format of clients traditional factsheets.

Digital Factsheets give users the flexibility to adapt and create dynamic output to suit their investing needs without compromising your corporate look and feel.

Digital Factsheets
Factsheets translation

Professional translations

Translation is central to our business at FundAssist. Our translation process runs parallel to factsheet preparation to ensure minimal delays. Our professional translators are specifically trained and experienced in translating both financial and marketing documents. Therefore, we are well placed to provide factsheets in the required languages in an efficient manner.

Custom design

FundAssist offers an end-to-end factsheet solution fully tailored to our client’s needs. In conjunction with the client, we design and develop a unique template incorporating distinctive branding elements, colours and layouts.

Factsheets custom design
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