A fund data and documentation hosting, management and dissemination service

FundAssist Express streamlines on-going KIID management in a UCITS IV environment.

Dublin, London, Luxembourg: FundAssist, a specialist service provider to the funds industry, announced today that it has launched FundAssist Express, a new service that supports fund promoters and fund sales intermediaries in the streaming of “live” data and documents, but most importantly the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and associated documents. Fund promoters are facing an increasing challenge in the way they deliver information to investors and intermediaries due to the large volume and on-going updates to KIIDs and documents referenced in the KIID across multiple languages and country regulations. “In our view it is becoming vital to tightly manage and integrate information flows to reduce costs and the risk of investors making decisions on incorrect or out of date information” commented Andrew Johnston, Senior Manager.

FundAssist Express is a solution that encompasses all published fund data and documentation in one place with the aim of delivering greater efficiencies to the industry at reduced risk. It offers fund promoters the opportunity to manage the publication process, including languages and local marketing or regulatory requirements, and to deliver “live” documents and data to distribution partners, investors and regulators globally. This integrated solution is multi-functional. It not only provides more value and power to the distributor, supporting and benefitting their distribution process, but it also records activity. This is important as EU regulations state that investors must have read the KIID prior to making investment decisions and that records are kept for evidential purposes. FundAssist Express provides ‘version management’ which enables the fund promoter to scroll through archived versions and associated documents when dealing with investor queries on previous investment transactions.

FundAssist Express has capabilities for delivering to intermediaries, fund platforms, media, data vendors, consultants and asset allocators. It offers push, pull and sync capabilities allowing investors either to access documents or have documents delivered specifically to them.

Jim O’Reilly, Managing Director comments, “Taking into consideration the number of funds, cross-border notification requirements and UCITS IV regulations, it is becoming increasingly onerous and error-prone for fund promoters and intermediaries to manage the live publication process as it involves time and management resources. FundAssist Express is designed to meet this challenge”.

September 30, 2013