Regulatory sources

Please find below the Level 1 Directive & Regulation and the key Level 2 measures on Product Governance and Investor Protection.

Level 1


Level 2

  • 07 April 2016 : Delegated Directive. The Directive contains provisions on investor protection, notably on safeguarding of clients’ funds and financial instruments, product governance and monetary/non-monetary compensation.
  • 25 April 2016 : Delegated Regulation and Annex.  The Regulation aims at specifying, in particular, the rules relating to exemptions, the organisational requirements for investment firms, data reporting services providers, conduct of business obligations in the provision of investment services, the execution of orders on terms most favourable to the client, the handling of client orders, the SME growth markets, the thresholds above which the position reporting obligations apply and the criteria under which the operations of a trading venue in a host Member State could be considered as of substantial importance for the functioning of the securities markets and the protection of the investors.