June 30, 2017

What Next for Investor Engagement?

Investing is boring. For anyone under the age of 30 investing ranks a long way down in the list of important financial decisions. Investing ranks much lower than spending on the latest smartphone, streaming service or wondering how on earth it is possible to afford… Read More
November 15, 2016

PRIIPs implementation: to delay or not to delay?

priips-implementation The European Commission has written on 11th November 2016 to the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) requesting that they review the rejected RTS to take into account concerns in four distinct areas on the PRIIPs KID. The ESAs have been asked to respond to the European… Read More
November 9, 2016

PRIIPs Delayed By 1 Year. Time To Relax ?

priips-delayed On 9th November the European Commission officially proposed a 12 month delay (see the official Press Release) to the application of the PRIIPs regulation. While this delay provides much needed breathing space to PRIIPs manufacturers, it should not lead to complacency and the industry must continue… Read More
November 2, 2016

FundAssist wins new KIID award

kiid-award FundAssist’s award winning KIIDs services has been once again recognised by the industry and we are proud to announce we have been named as one of the winners in the 2016 European Business Awards, hosted by Corporate Vision. We are grateful to all our clients… Read More
October 11, 2016

What is MiFID II ?

mifid2-data-collection The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (the “Directive”) is a comprehensive set of amendments to the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive that has been in force since late 1997. The new Directive comes into force on 3rd January 2018. The Directive is not directly… Read More
August 29, 2016

PRIIPs – Decisions Expected

PRIIPs European_Parliament On Thursday September 1st, the European Parliament’s committee on economic and monetary affairs, ECON, is set to debate on the PRIIPs Regulatory Technical Standards. A draft of the agenda for the parliamentary meeting can be found here. As we await final sign off and guidance… Read More
July 19, 2016

FCA Consultation Paper on PRIIPs

FCA PRIIPs consultation paper The FCA has published a consultation paper detailing changes to disclosure rules in the FCA Handbook to reflect the direct application of the PRIIPs Regulation. In the consultation paper, the FCA proposes rules and guidance that will apply from 31 December 2016 to allow NURS managers the… Read More
July 6, 2016

Should I outsource the KIIDs?

KIID outsource What is the optimal way to produce KIIDs? There is no standard answer to this question, as depending on your needs you may choose either an in-house or outsourced solution. Choosing between the two depends on many factors, including availability of internal resources, scalability needs… Read More