The FundAssist Advantage

Servicing investment products have become more complex as the regulatory landscape has evolved. We have made it our business to keep up with these changes, and to satisfy the reporting, regulatory and governance requirements that go with them. We deliver those services in many different jurisdictions, and support a global range of languages.

As FundAssist carries out these tasks, you will be able to focus time and attention on your clients and your core services. But there is more to the FundAssist Advantage than administrative and regulatory support: we can offer guidance, point out pitfalls, and highlight opportunities.

Hands-on Partnership Approach

The small, seemingly routine tasks often result in excess costs that consume much time and resources.

For boutique fund managers and global asset managers alike, our shared knowledge, practical advice and “roll up our sleeves” approach to tackling issues have proven invaluable to date.

By sharing our insights and knowledge, we become part of the solution – not just a vendor executing routine tasks.

Service Delivery

After assessing our client’s needs, we will assign a Program Manager. That person will liaise directly and will manage all of the fund information through a customised FundAssist website, branded with your corporate identity.

Listen, then execute

First, we take the time to fully understand your clients, your objectives and the financial products you use. Then, we tailor our services to the specific nature of your fund and to the relevant jurisdiction. Our proprietary systems are flexible and in many cases we will adapt or devise a tool specifically for your fund and operation.

What is more, we generally absorb these set-up costs, charging only for final deliverables. For example, you may require board support for your quarterly meetings. Our developers will create a web portal, linked to your website and branded with your corporate identity. This will allow your team to display and exchange information. There are no set-up or development charges for this service.

In general, our focus on client service and flawless, timely execution will allow you to focus on the real challenge, excellence in fund management and improved fund performance.

Cost-effective Solutions

Drawing on our wealth of experience and specialist expertise, we propose practical and cost-effective solutions that best meet your needs.

Our funds expertise is backed up with flexible and efficient systems that have been developed and evolved in-house over the last decade and applied to many challenging situations.

This combination of practical know-how, progressive technology and professional expertise ensures costs are minimised while delivering a superior service.


The industry landscape is constantly changing offering up new opportunities and challenges to our clients.

We expect change and are ready to help navigate and respond rapidly. Our goal is to make your moves as painless, risk-free and cost-effective as possible.

Focussed Services

FundAssist focuses on the non-core activities of both Investment Managers and Administrators. Our services have been developed from real client needs and requests.

While every client is different, they share a common ambition to spend as much time as possible on portfolio management and new product development.

Are you expanding into a new geographical market? Are you looking at a different market sector? Perhaps you are developing an entirely new offering?

Our job is to make each move as painless, risk-free and cost-effective as possible.

As you expand, FundAssist will offer unrivalled experience and tested administrative machinery to address country-specific, regional and global challenges.


We document the services we deliver, step by step. From the beginning, we itemise project milestones, timelines and associated costs.

We work with clients to apportion service costs in a way that suits their accounting, reporting and regulatory circumstances.





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