FundAssist provides specialist support services with an emphasis on Financial Reporting, Key Information Documents (UCITS KIID & PRIIPs KID), Factsheet, Translation, Data Management, Shareholders Services Support as well as Document and Data Dissemination. FundAssist also provides a range of practical solutions to bring greater efficiency to many of the challenges faced by the industry within the product distribution and governance areas.
All of our current services involve data gathering and mapping, automated processing, delivery of web solutions, translation and dissemination of information. Given our areas of expertise and experience, we believe FundAssist is ideally positioned to deliver an excellent service, tailored to the requirements of our clients.


Innovation, efficiency and a wealth of experience make FundAssist the ideal service partner for global asset managers, administrators and niche investment companies alike. FundAssist meets your specific market or product requirements, as well as your statutory obligations, in a timely and accurate manner.
In each of its core service areas we have developed a unique, proprietary technology platform, that allows for rapid customisation and process-testing within a scalable framework. With the ability to support clients with multi-product, multi-domicile, multi-currency, multi-country regulations, multi-language and multi-tier distribution channels, FundAssist is well positioned as a key player in the expanding and ever-changing trillion dollar fund industry.
Our use of advanced technologies, including web-based communications for outreach to clients directly as well as their investors and distribution partners, allows us to continually optimise our operations and interactions to the benefit of our international clients.


FundAssist’s client base currently includes more than 100 fund promoters and fund administrators globally. Together these clients manage several thousand funds and sub-funds domiciled in Luxembourg, Ireland, the Cayman Islands, BVI, Jersey, United Kingdom, Germany and Bermuda.
We provide clients with global support, including oversight of local regulatory and language support for more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.