FundFrame helps you get the most from your data and make better decisions. It helps you make more informed product choices, run smarter distribution, reduced regulatory risks and lower operating costs.

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data is the key

Investment companies face numerous challenges from increased competition, new forms of distribution including robo-advisors, cost pressures and relentless waves of regulation.
To prosper, asset managers need to operate intelligently and efficiently and a strategic and often-underutilised resource is a manager’s data.

Lower Your Regulatory Compliance Risk

There is a patchwork of regulation around investment products and their underlying operations. In most cases, asset managers have implemented individual solutions to meet each new regulatory requirement.

However, as more layers of regulation are introduced there is duplication of efforts and much of the underlying data is sourced and processed in different ways.

Unifying data capture, processing and verification simplifies the task, reduces the cost of compliance and reduces the risk of late or incorrect disclosures and filings.

Get Real Time Filtered Information

In today’s fast-paced market environment, investors demand constantly up to date information. Investment managers need to have real-time access to granular and aggregate data about their financial products.

FundFrame allows you to slice your portfolios by different attributes to assess your exposures and monitor performance. At the same time, too much information can be overwhelming. FundFrame lets you to filter out the most important information for you and your investors.

Govern Your Products & Distribution Channels

Governance over products and distribution channels is increasingly important to ensure your products are meeting investment needs and avoid claims of misselling.

A governance framework provides an explicit definition of target markets and is central to managing these challenges.

By maintaining controls and records you can demonstrate to board members and regulators alike that your processes from product development through to investor experiences areindeed robust.

Glean Valuable Intelligence

To make good decisions you need the best available information turned into real intelligence. Product development and distribution are key to success in asset management. Navigating the expensive, complex, and evolving landscape of national and international distribution is particularly challenging.

However, extremely useful data can be captured across the value chain from both internal and external sources, particularly from websites and digital marketing techniques. Aggregating and analysing this data can provide the insights to drive smarter and more successful product development and asset gathering strategies.

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